"As the executive director (retired after 22 years) of the Texas Justice Court Training Center at Texas State University, I can say that Judge Cercone was and is a cornerstone of judicial education."
- Roger Rountree
  • Pro-Life

  • Proven Leadership

  • Conservative Values

  • Judge Cercone, my daughter Laura, and our dog Buddy

Judge Al Cercone presides over the most efficient JP Court in Dallas County and one of the busiest in Texas. His conservative credentials are rock solid and Al holds the distinction of serving as a teaching judge for the State of Texas. This honor is granted to judges who demonstrate exceptional knowledge of the law while administrating justice fairly.

Al is also a single father who tragically lost his wife when their daughter was only ten weeks old. Through her perseverence, and the values Al has instilled in her, Laura is now excelling as a student at Texas A&M University.

What people think of Al Cercone

"Judge Cercone works tirelessly on our behalf. I challenge you to find a court in the state of Texas that is operated as well as JP 3-1. Al is fair to everyone who comes before him and he never legislates from the bench. We need more judges who use common sense and have a keen sense of the rule of law."

- Becky Oliver, Fox-4 Investigative Reporter (retired)

"Under Judge Cercone's guidance, our Justice of the Peace Court has grown to process more cases than any other JP Court in Dallas County. Judge Cercone has been tapped to help design cutting edge technology that will be used all across Texas to help reduce case loads and make the courts more efficient; an investment that will save time and the tax payer's money. We would be hard pressed to find a better judge than Al Cercone."

- Constable Ben Adamcik